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What Is Closeout Jewelry?

Closeout jewelry is inventory purchased through many channels and then sold at reduced prices closer to intrinsic value, eliminating manufacturing costs and import fees.  

DTI’s focus is on fine jewelry closeouts, which come from a variety of sources.  Our sources include, but are not limited to: manufacturing overstock and/or unsold merchandise, liquidations, bankruptcies and lending companies.
While manufacturers who decide to “closeout” or liquidate jewelry inventory are the largest and most common sources for our quality items, the jewelry industry continues to change. Therefore, DTI has developed a variety of other sources for acquiring product. We buy jewelry from independent retailers wishing to liquidate either a portion of or their entire inventory in order to regain capital. We are frequently called upon to bid on estate and liquidation jewelry from personal or corporate bankruptcies and estate settlements. We also source pre-owned jewelry from jewelry lending company liquidations.  These varied sources result in DTI’s ability to acquire a wide range of product, from unique one-of-a-kind pieces to long jewelry runs.