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How to Shop With Us

Becoming A Member:

As a wholesale jeweler, Diamond Traders is not open to the public. Thus, in order to view and shop our product, you must be a member of our website. To request membership, please click "Register an Account" in the top right-hand corner. You will be prompted to create your own username and password. When you push "Create", you will not receive access to view our product until our team reviews and confirms the request.

If you have never shopped with us before please fill out and submit our New Customer Forms Here.  We must have these forms for our records before we can ship out any online orders. 

Shopping With Us:

When browsing our website, please place any items that you are interested in purchasing in your cart. When you are finished, proceed to checkout (note: your total will be $0.00 since we do not accept payment online) and you will receive an e-mail to let you know that your order was received. We may also call you to inform you if your order was partially (*please see disclaimer below) filled, and discuss shipping, as well as payment.


All orders made after 12pm are not guaranteed for same day shipping. These orders will not be fulfilled and or shipped until the following business day.


Diamond Traders International is not only an online presence. We are open to licensed retailers and dealers Monday through Friday. Thus, while you are browsing our product online, we may also have a customer browsing our product in our showroom simultaneously. With that being said, our inventory changes very rapidly. While our website may say we have "one left available" and you have placed it in your cart to be ordered, we cannot guarantee that a piece is available. We will make sure to call you in case your entire order could not be fulfilled.